The Freedom Resource (the organization supporting Freedom Prayer Ministry) is a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization whose goal is to provide a landing place for resources and assistance to people and ministries who wish to use the Freedom Prayer ministry model. The Freedom Resource is an outgrowth of a growing number of ministry teams and relationships. As the relationships grew and the need to help others became apparent we felt it would be best to form a special organization that was nimble in its ability to help others get started, provided the right materials, and provide relationship-based support. We are friends and co-laborers sharing what we have learned and eagerly learning from others.

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Scripture tells us to “restore” one who has fallen, to confess our sins to one another and to repent of our sin, to bear another’s burdens, to put to death the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit, and about a hundred related things. As an elders, teachers and church leaders (and mates and friends for that matter) for many years we often felt desperately ill equipped to do that (“now what would Dr. Phil say?”). Most people do too…maybe everyone does.

Freedom Prayer is a great solution to that dilemma. It focuses on how to be an effective emotional and spiritual “first responder” in a world where you often have about 20 minutes at Starbucks (or someplace millennials would love more) and the person you are with needs love, insight and just grace. As you will see when you read Freedom Tools (our flagship publication) Freedom Prayer, because it is flexible and intuitive, works in almost any setting – small groups use it, pastors use it, counselors use it, and wives use it on their husbands unaware! Just kidding…sort of.

For the past 20 years or so this approach, its principles and its practices, have been in development. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many, many who found certain keys or understandings that simply seemed to work or seemed to follow biblical precedent. We will not name names for fear of missing someone but each has pushed their piece of the puzzle to the middle for others to use. We have gathered up many of these pieces, tried them out, reshaped many, and fit them together.

Like tuning a complex musical instrument we were looking for that balance that would bring effective freedom while being able to answer some key questions to the satisfaction of almost anyone honestly asking these them: is it biblical?, is it logical?, does it work?, is God in it? We think it works pretty well, works in almost any environment, and has a proven ability in thousands of settings to help to transform a person, a relationship, a family and church culture. It is relatively simple to teach, takes some adjustment to master, and becomes a passion of almost everyone who has done so. Freedom is contagious!

Lots of other people from widely varied church and non-church backgrounds seem to think so too – Max Lucado, Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Pastor Bill Johnson, Rich Sterns (World Vision President), a Vanderbilt psychiatrist, and lots of pastors and counselors.

We hope this site and the book Freedom Tools encourages you to go for it, personally, in relationships and small groups, as a church and especially outside the church. There is no substitute for trying these things out for yourself and on yourself in an honest and humble way.

If you do, you will find that your conversations will be forever changed, your relationships forever deepened. It will become a lifestyle, a way of relating. You will feel “armed and dangerous” to the dark kingdom, competent to genuinely help others. Most importantly, your awe of a living and loving Father God will expand with each encounter.


Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Barnett
    Jennifer BarnettExecutive Director

    Jennifer Barnett, Nashville, TN – Executive Director – Jennifer Barnett has recently moved to Nashville, TN with her husband Cory and family. Before that she founded and led the Freedom Prayer team at Crossbridge Church in San Antonio, TX. She is the co-author of Freedom Tools, a lead FP trainer, and a gifted leader in assisting churches and organizations in building effective FP teams and integrating FP into their church culture.

    • Bill Branstetter
      Bill BranstetterFreedom Prayer Lead Trainer

      Bill Branstetter, San Antonio, TX – Board Member – Bill and his wife Sara lead the Freedom Prayer ministry at CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio Texas.  His passion is to take Freedom Prayer to the nations and he regularly travels internationally to train church leaders.

      • Andy Reese
        Andy ReesePresident

        Andy Reese, Burwood, TN – Board Member – Andy is President and oversees development of Freedom prayer materials. He is the Co-author of Freedom Tools and a lead FP trainer and popular speaker on the subject of Freedom.

        • Franklin Bennett
          Franklin BennettFreedom Prayer Lead Trainer

          Franklin Bennett – Board Member – Franklin is a teacher and coach with a passion for bringing freedom in practical ways to his students and teams through Freedom Prayer. He and his wife Reid lead ministry sessions and teach Freedom Prayer and live in Nashville.

          Meet our Advisory Board

          • Roger Bertolini
            Roger BertoliniFreedom Prayer Lead Trainer

            Roger Bertolini, Colchester, CT – Advisory Board Member – Roger is a ministry lead and lead trainer who also facilitates other seminars including marriage seminars and people skills seminars with his wife Sheri.

            • Vikki  Waters
              Vikki Waters

              Vikki  Waters, Chattanooga, TN – Advisory Board Member – Vikki leads Growing in Grace Ministries ( a non-denominational church and ministry center. Vikki is a lead FP trainer skilled in every area of FP and with an additional ability to work with children (or maybe adults that act like children too!).

              • Terry Hendrixson
                Terry Hendrixson

                Terry Hendrixson, Franklin, TN – Advisory Board Member. Terry is a Certified Public Accountant and also a lead FP minister.

                • Shannon Mclaird
                  Shannon Mclaird

                  Shannon Mclaird, Franklin, TN, – Advisory Board Member – She is the Director of the School of Supernatural Life in Franklin, and a lead FP trainer.

                  • Dr. Neil T. Anderson
                    Dr. Neil T. Anderson

                    Neil T Anderson, Knoxville, TN – Advisory Board Member. Neil is a best-selling author on spiritual freedom including ‘Victory Over the Darkness’,’The Bondage Breaker’, ‘The Steps to Freedom in Christ’ and ‘Daily in Christ’. He is founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries.

                    • Dr. Candyce Roberts
                      Dr. Candyce Roberts

                      Dr. Candyce Roberts, Campbellsville, KY – Advisory Board Member – Candyce has spent the past fourteen years in inner healing ministry to survivors of abuse, leading them into the presence of the Lord to experience emotional, spiritual, and physical wholeness.

                      • Kirk Freeman
                        Kirk Freeman

                        Kirk Freeman – Advisory Board Member – A Texas native, Kirk spent ten years working in the Christian publishing industry prior to transitioning into the pastoral ministry. He moved to San Antonio to start CrossBridge in 2003.  Kirk and his wife, Debbie, have three sweet daughters.  Kirk pastors CrossBridge Community Church, which has had a thriving Freedom Prayer ministry for over 5 years.  He often engages other pastors about the fruit of freedom prayer in a church culture.