Password: Freedom8

1 – Introduction and Welcome

Kirk Freeman and Jennifer Barnett Welcome and Introduction to Freedom Prayer

2 – Overview of Freedom Prayer

Overview of Freedom Prayer by Andy Reese

3 – Scriptural Foundations

The Scriptural Foundations of Freedom Prayer by Corey Barnett

4 – Ten Foundations

Bill Branstetter talks about the ten key foundations that describe our understanding of the framework of beliefs and practices within which Freedom Prayer thrives.

5 – Forgiveness

Jennifer Barnett explains the keys to finding and giving forgiveness.

6 – WESU, Basis for Ministry Framework

Andy Reese explains a scriptural basis for the ministry of Christ in the lives of broken and sinful people (all of us!). Using Luke 15 he uncovers the truth behind the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son, and the older brother as the four main types of issues we encounter in Freedom Prayer.

7 – The Fruit Loop

Bill Branstetter takes us through the typical “way stations” in a ministry session – called the fruit loop – Fruit – Root – Boot – Loot – Scoot. He gets a little help from a mysterious visitor with a problem.

8 – Doing Kingdom Business and The Four Doors

Krishna Durairaj shows us how to use the “tactics” of ministry (forgiveness, renouncing, etc.) and how they relate to the advanced tool for house cleaning: The Four Doors

9 – Inviting Jesus

Jennifer Barnett explains the background and practical use of the Inviting Jesus tool – with a little help!

10 – The Father Ladder

Iriela teaches us how to use the Father ladder tool – with a little help from a special guest!

11 – Authority in Christ

Jennifer lays out the foundation and application of our authority in dealing with the demonic and also gives practical approaches to this aspect of ministry.