Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us.

1 Thessalonians 2:8

Freedom Prayer Ministry exists to see the gospel of God on display – the very work of the cross secures our freedom – it is why He came. Consequently, we rejoice with those who wish to help secure this freedom for others in their churches, their parachurch ministries and in their homes and communities. Freedom Prayer ministry, overseen by The Freedom Resource, has a primary goal of training and equipping other ministry leaders and churches to engage in Freedom Prayer as a lifestyle and sustainable ministry within the Body of Christ. Those who respond to a call to do this are naturally and quickly very dear to us and other Freedom Prayer teams in our family. We truly enjoy partnering and equipping with those just beginning in the process of liberty for themselves and others.


Currently, we have Freedom Prayer ministry leaders and a Board of Directors who lead trainings together throughout the country in various settings and conferences by invitation. These trainings and conferences can be tailored to the needs of your church or parachurch ministry. Because this ministry format is often better caught than taught, we find it is most effective when we can build relationship with you, offer training at your location, and participate in prayer sessions with your leaders. We also recognize the importance of community and the benefit of seeing a Freedom Prayer ministry in action, as well as dialoguing with those seasoned in leading Freedom Prayer sessions. CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio Texas offers Freedom Prayer training throughout the year, primarily for churches and ministry leaders in the areas of building and equipping a Freedom Prayer Team, oversight, community connections and Freedom Groups in discipleship and small group ministry. Please contact admin@freedomprayer.org with questions or inquiries and we will be happy to help design the best training option for you or your church.

We offer:

  1. Freedom Prayer Training in locations throughout the United States (and occasionally in foreign countries!). Watch for training announcements on this site, and in newsletters, emails and our live blog for more information.
  2. Freedom Prayer Training in your location. We can bring a team for a weekend, an evening or for a variety of purposes and events. Please contact us with your requests and specific needs.
  3. We have ministry leaders and speakers who are equipped to not only train teams in Freedom Prayer ministry, but cast vision in a purely “spokesperson” manner to churches and interested parties. Likewise, our ministry leaders are equipped to facilitate and coach the process of freedom in existing structures, such as bible studies, Sunday School classes and small groups.
  4. Free and downloadable items as well as items for purchase in the “Shop” section of this site.

A typical weekend agenda looks like:

Generally, most of the following topics can be covered over a Friday night/Saturday day conference. Again, training can be modified to meet the needs of a specific church or group.

  • Overview of Freedom Prayer Ministry
  • The Ten Foundations
  • WESUD and the Fruit Loop – Knowing Where to Start and Why?
  • The Four Doors
  • The Father Ladder
  • Inviting Jesus
  • Dealing with the Demonic
  • Building and Sustaining a Team
  • Partnership in Church and Community
  • Small group participation and practice of tools

Mentoring & Internships

There are several churches in our Freedom Prayer network that offer more extensive training and internships. CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio Texas is an example of one of these flagship churches that can, by request, make available prayer sessions to observe, participate in and specific training and interaction with team members to serve the purposes needed.

Again, please contact us for more information.

Download the training handout, host handbook here:

Basic Training Host HandBook


This document contains the instructions for the host contact person.

Training Handout Companion


This is a Word document that can be completed with the dates, names, etc. and then printed for use during the training. Each person receives a copy of this handout.